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Dangerous Laceons paper

May 11th, 2010 No comments

I have worked for “Shoe Life” for five years and interviewed numerous shoes, from the downright bizarre- PeeWee Hermann’s shoes to the undeniably stylish- Manolo Blahnik’s from the hit HBO series “Sex and the City ” but rarely have I encountered a shoe with such depth and humor than Denim the shoe I stumbled upon while walking to the local market. The following questions and answers are taken from an excerpt in an interview I had with Denim- the ordinary shoe with an all too interesting life.

Tell me about yourself where are you from and how did you come about?
I am from a shoe factory in Malaysia. I did not have the best start in life; the factory in which I was created was one of horrible conditions. There were hundreds of shoes in the factory and we were all tossed into a box waiting to be sorted out with our pair. Whether it was just bad luck or coincidence I was at the bottom of the box, practically smothered because the weight of the shoes on top of me were too heavy to support. Read more…