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Madame DeFarge and Lucie Manette essay.

June 25th, 2010 No comments

The effect one person can have on another can change the fate of someones life. In the novel A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens use of this simple concept of influence highlights various elements such as characters, images, places, or conflicts. Madame DeFarge and Lucie Manette are two examples of two characters who opposite effects on people in this novel. Through the use of influence, Dickens emphasizes the different effects Madame DeFarge and Lucie Manette have on people.

Madame DeFarge shows the element of influence through her words and actions. Whether it is her husband or a group of strangers, she has quite a negative effect on the lives of others. Madame DeFarge is shown as bloodthirsty and eager for the French Revolution to take place as soon as possible. Mr. DeFarge in the beginning of the story is reluctant to the idea of taking away innocent lives. Madame is able to change the view of her husband to something of a more negative nature because of her strong character and dominant views on the revolution. Read more…