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Revolutionary War papers

June 14th, 2010 No comments

When the Revolutionary War started, the colonists didn’t even think about declaring independence. They wanted to stay a part of their mother-land England. They just wanted to be thought of the same way in return. They wanted to be recognized in the eyes of the English Parliament. They even sent out a petition to the King of England asking for the blood shed to be stopped. The King refused to even read it and said that he wanted the colonies to be taken care of. This was the beginning of the colonies wanting to declare their independence from England.

The Congress of the America’s acted much like a regular government. They took command of the army and after King George declined their petition, their only choices were to either yield or fight. They appointed George Washington as the head of the Continental Army. Patrick Henry protested about how their rights as British citizens were being violated.

Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen took over Fort Ticonderoga. There they would gain all the supplies that the Americans found hard to find. They needed supplies because English ships weren’t selling them and infantry. They went up to the door and knocked and very nicely told them that they were being taken over. They didn’t use force or anything. After this little victory, they decided to go to Canada and see if they could take over the English up there. But this only showed the English that the Americans were not good on the offence. Read more…