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A response to Emerson’s “Self Reliance”

May 25th, 2010 No comments

Emerson’s Essay ‘Self-Reliance’ talks about a ‘code’ for living that defies all previous ‘codes’ and encourages a ‘full society’ outlook beyond logic to many minds. He encourages the reader to free himself of conformity and give himself over to his ‘nature’.

His theory is that everything in nature operates on a higher scale, and that by conforming yourself to the conventions of ‘all of society’, man cuts himself of from that rhythm which controls life. The text then proceeds to encourage people to get back to that state. To live in tune with the intuition of the spirit, which he insists, will not mislead you. Can not mislead in fact, because the spirit is inherently attuned to the will of the highest power.

He emphasizes over and over again that in order to gain your own independence, one must first abandon all learned things and seek to accumulate thereafter only the knowledge which one attains firsthand and deems pertinent to be put into your truth. Read more…