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How to Write a Good English Essay

How to write a good English essay begins with the literary concept, or subject matter you will present. Many English essays are argumentative representations of a subject, or a developed persuasive opinion on the subject. Either of these types of essays requires just the right amount of research and a specific type of language.

First, you are going to write a good English essay – start with your topic and clearly define it, you do not want you reader to misunderstand how you are defining the term. You must then carefully plan the order of your paper, will you grant the opposing side a full paragraph or add in notes along the way – “in response to this, other writers have developed works that state other known causes as primary.” You may determine that you do not have enough research. Stay with peer-reviewed sources; however, you can occasionally find interesting articles online that demonstrate relationships that can be used to show how the relationship may be handled if critical thinking is not applied.

Your English paper is a representation of you, remember to develop your ideas clearly and use high-quality research that demonstrates your commitment to your education. When you write an English essay, your instructor will closely check your grammar and your formatting – follow all required formatting for your school, including in-text citations and reference or works cited pages. Finally, your research will be best if current, up-to-date, and from peer-reviewed sources. Use the databases provided by your school and you will never go wrong when you write your great English essay.

Take that blank piece of paper and turn it into a masterpiece! Write down what you are thinking, develop core course concepts, read through some research, and off you go to do a good English essay!

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