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English Regents Answer

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Frank Conroy and William Maxwell show exceptional examples of what childhood friendships may have consisted of many years ago. Within Passage I, Frank Conroy displays how a relationship can be formed between two people who have just meet and yet still have the deep relationship that is usually only acquired by people who have had a relationship for many years. William Maxwell explains how a simple playmate can be even more significant than ever thought to be. No matter how silent the playmate is or how ironic the circumstances of their meeting, relationships will grow. Both Passages are prime examples of true friendship.

Childhood relationships seem to be very insignificant to adults. However, to children, their youngest friendships may be their most important friendships that they will always remember. Passage I, in first person point of view, shows how tranquil young child’s friendship may be through symbolism. This peacefulness is shown when Frank Conroy writes, “Above, the fat white clouds drifted in the blue. Great sedate clouds, rich and peaceful. We lay on our backs watching them, getting dizzy as they slipped along behind the branches, as if our tree was falling.” This quote symbolizes how the two boys friendship is so perfect and so peaceful that it’s just like the lightly rolling silent clouds that passed above them. The boy’s friendship was so beautiful because they required no spoken words to know how good of friends they were. They boys would spend a lot of time together, just in silence. A simile found within Passage I further displays how they could just lay there and be perfectly content with it, “hour after hour our bodies fell like bundles into the softened sand.” Along with Frank Conroy in Passage I, William Maxwell also displays the same qualities in Passage II.

Friendships are not to be taken lightly because it won’t end the way it’s expected to. No matter the situation, if a person is friends with someone they get along with very well, they are bound to have a deeper friendship with that person whether he or she realizes it or not. William Maxwell further shows how this is true in first person point of view within Passage II. One instance within Maxwell’s writings that displays this friendship is by symbolism within this statement, “When the look of the sky informed us that it was getting along toward suppertime, we climbed down the ladder and said “So long” and “See you tomorrow,” and went our separate ways in the dusk.” This shows that the boys had made a connection while spending their afternoon together. The reader can tell by the statement “See you tomorrow”, this statement implies there was an enjoyment of each others time due to the fact that they would like to do it again tomorrow. This friendship is sparked because the young man is just building his new house and is very lonely. His loneliness is shown in how he explains what his day is like with the figurative language “pung, pung, pung, kapung, kapung, kapung.” Which are the sounds of the hammer of the construction worker. His new found friend is extremely welcomed by him, he needed the company. Friendship is sacred, no matter how casual the relationship may seem; there are always deep friendships.

Friendship is the most important factor in a child’s life. A child, in most instances, rely on their friends to get them through the hard ships they may be facing at that point in time. Friendships are deep, meaningful, relationships due to their tendency to cure the sad, and help the ill by simply being a friend. Friendship is an extremely deep relationship with more power to heal than anybody could ever imagine. Frank Conroy and William Maxwell wrote fabulous works that show the truth behind the friendship theory within both Passages I and II. True friends will never leave your side.

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