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Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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As time in society goes on, less and less people think. Just like in Fahrenheit 451, people have more things done for them and stray further and further from their imagination. Today technology, mass media and education show some points of how people think less. Technology can be life giving and yet disrupting to all. That is not the only thing this essay is about however. Another point is very few students really question how accurate the textbooks are, how some governments might have tainted historic books to sensor their wrongdoings or failures. Anther thing is how mass media can be corrupting. Their have been occurrences where mass media only will tell only half-truth or do things just things to catch the reader’s eye. There have even been times were mass media can go as far is to tell a complete lie, just for ratings. If society continues in this path with mass media, technology and much further in education, life could end up just how it is in the novel Fahrenheit 451.

Today’s technology can be life giving and disruptive to all. For instance in society today, many people lack the healthy imagination a five your old has. Many people now need TV or a video game to keep them entertained, and then people look to more TV for more entertainment. This parallel to Fahrenheit 451 in the way, how Mildred, and people like Mildred, don’t realize what goes on in the real world. All the people like Mildred just watch the parlor walls mindlessly for their entertainment. In once occurrence where Mildred could not watch “the family’, a TV show, she went panicky almost insane. This shows anther point of how to much technology can make someone dependent. That is one of the down falls of technology, although there are many good parts to technology as well.

One of the good parts of technology today would be medical advancement’s. In to day’s society we have fewer diseases, and less people getting sick. This is possible thanks to the galore of technology. With technologies help we have vaccines for many viruses to protected human life, and we have developed things to make sure thing are as least painful as possible. We also have doctors take an oath to make sure that doctors help the sick and wounded. This in some ways parallels Fahrenheit 451. In Fahrenheit 451 they have further developed medical advancements, such as people no longer get sick. They have also come up with ways to get rid of handicaps. They have made it so everyone can walk everyone can see hear, and walk. That is some of the goods in Fahrenheit 451. Although there are many goods in that society there are a few flaws. One of these flaws is that they no long use paramedics, they just use handymen with machines to help people, which sounds good but could lead to serious problems, for instance if the person who called in the accident said the wrong thing… As you can see there are also Wrongs to that method of thinking. As that shows there are much goods and bads medical and technological advancement in Fahrenheit 451 and in life.

Mass Media will sometimes tells a story from the outside. Or not even the outside at all, there have been occurrence where they just fill in gaps between the little parts of the story they know. A wile a go there was one of these accuracies. In a class a bit a go, one of the teachers was angry that day because her friends kid died or something, and then the news just went and interview someone on the block who did not even know the family, because family and friends of the kid would not talk about the him. This reminds me of in Fahrenheit 451 in the chase of Montag. Where after about 10 minuets in the chase of Montag, the media just made up Montages death to keep the viewers happy and existed, in that they just filled in the gaps in the story because they did not know the hole story of what happened to Montag. This is not the only then that hey have done in Fahrenheit 451 to try and keep people entertained. In their society they stop reporting things, like death, that where common, all they reported on was something to get better ratings, even with a war going on above there heads. This again parallels with are society, like with the war in Iraq, they just reported on it for like 2-4 weeks then just stopped reporting on the war. After it became old news and the major fighting was over, they just kind of dropped the topic for the most part. Things that happened in mass media can sometimes flow over to an education system.

Today’s education is fairly good. One nice thing is that u don’t go to the school all day long, like in someplace. Although from what I understand collage is kind of like the schools in Fahrenheit 451, in the way that u just go and they lecture you. But in thankfully u still have teachers and u can request their help (I think). In society today, textbooks are different in different countries. This is because of different languages but also can because of the government. One example of governments changing textbooks to show less of the wrongdoing or failures is: in Japan they barley talk to about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and in the US it is one of the most prominent topics. That is one example of how a government will understate the importance of an event. This parallels Fahrenheit 451 because the government has changed their textbooks to fit their needs. Anther thing is there are no longer teachers, there are only video recorded. They just sit up there and lecture you, like in a collage. You find this out form chase when she says something along this like ‘they just cram u in their 50 people in a room and u lesson to the computer’s lesson’. In that case they don’t explain anything or have questions so after a wile people will just take it for fact even if it a false statement. That shows one of the ways a government could or have tainted knowledge.

If things continue like how they are going we might just end up with a society the one in Fahrenheit 451. This paper showed some of the points of how the progress can help and yet take a devastating toll. It shows how it can lead to mindlessness. Form this paper you can see how the world could lead to total mindlessness like in the book Fahrenheit 451.

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