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Madame DeFarge and Lucie Manette essay.

The effect one person can have on another can change the fate of someones life. In the novel A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens use of this simple concept of influence highlights various elements such as characters, images, places, or conflicts. Madame DeFarge and Lucie Manette are two examples of two characters who opposite effects on people in this novel. Through the use of influence, Dickens emphasizes the different effects Madame DeFarge and Lucie Manette have on people.

Madame DeFarge shows the element of influence through her words and actions. Whether it is her husband or a group of strangers, she has quite a negative effect on the lives of others. Madame DeFarge is shown as bloodthirsty and eager for the French Revolution to take place as soon as possible. Mr. DeFarge in the beginning of the story is reluctant to the idea of taking away innocent lives. Madame is able to change the view of her husband to something of a more negative nature because of her strong character and dominant views on the revolution.

Madame DeFarge not only affects Mr. DeFarge, but also the mob. Upon the news of Foulons capture, a wealthy man who once declared that if people were starving they should eat grass, the revolutionary mob led by Madame DeFarge and the Vengeance, her partner in crime, sets out to meet Foulon the capture him. Upon tying him down Madame states, See cried madame, pointing with her knife. ?See the old villain bound with ropes. That was well done to tie a bunch of grass upon his back. Ha, ha! That was well done. Let him eat it now!? Madame put her knife under her arm, and clapped her hands as at play. Madame uses these words to excite the revolutionaries to mutilate of this man. These words change the views of the mob into a having a passion for the destruction of other opposed to no real interest at all. In turn the crowd explains, ?the cause of her satisfaction to those behind them, and those again explaining to others, and those to others, the neighboring streets resounded with a clapping of hands. Through the power of Madame DeFarge enrages the mob to have a passion for the French Revolution. Through Mr. DeFarge and the mob, Madame DeFarge affects people to do things they would not normally do- kill. These thoughts she places in peoples minds are harmful and vengeful and affect them to do things horrifying.

Differing from Madame DeFarges negative influence on other people, Lucie Manette does just the opposite. Through her smile she brings to the room, Lucie Manette brings joy to whomever she encounters. In the beginning of the novel, Lucie Manette brings happiness to her father, Dr. Manette, life by helping him recover to better health. When Lucie first saw her father at the DeFarges wine shop, she enlightened Dr. Manette with her love from there on. Lucie stays with her father and makes sure to meet his every need. She transforms Dr. Manette into a new person.
Lucie Manette not only affects her father in more ways than one but she always helps transform Sydney Carton into a better person. Carton tells Lucie about his troubled life and how it has amount to nothing stating that he will never live a better life than the life he lives now. Lucie, however, brings light to his speech and reassures him that he could amount to something great. Lucie question Carton with these words, since the state of your mind that you describe, is, at all events, attributable to some influence of mine- this is what I mean, if I can make it plain- can I use no influence to serve you? Have I no power for good, with you, at all?

With these kind words, Lucie tries to help Carton in asking him if there is any way that she can influence him to see the better things in life. Lucie brings joy to Carton?s life and to everyone she sees. For Carton states how much Lucie has made him happy, ?O Miss Manette, when the little picture of a happy father?s face looks up in yours, when you see your own bright beauty springing up anew at your feet, think now and then that there is a man who would give his life, to keep a life you love beside you! Through these words Carton describes how Lucie influences his and her father?s life for the better. Lucie Manettes positive affect on people change their lives for the better.
Lucie Manette and Madame DeFarge both affect peoples lives in different ways. Lucie changes lives in a positive way, giving people a renewed strength inside of them and a reason to live. Madame DeFarge on the other hand, affects peoples lives in a more negative way, encouraging them to kill and destroy human lives. Dickens uses these two characters to show the opposite effects people can have on others. Through the words of one person, someone can power another to do anything even kill .

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