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Narrative Essay Example

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There it was again. She got up to investigate, walking towards the window she had the all to familiar feeling that there was someone outside her window, gently wrapping on it. But once again she was frustrated to find that there was no mystery person hiding in the bushes, beneath the flower box of creepers that hung below her window.

Five foot ten, well toned muscles, and the temperament of a cut snake. Sharon is not the kind of woman you would want to mess around with. Her brushed and styled blonde hair, that falls to the middle of her back, and the neat makeup disguise the fact that Sharon has been the welter-weight wrestling champion of her local and surrounding districts, for the past three years running.

The failed search, once again lead to the walk through the cold corridor leading down to the kitchen of her home, and taking the same meat cleaver from the top drawer under the bench, Sharon walked outside to further scan the area of her back yard. Yet again the perpetrator had eluded her. She walked back in to the house, replacing the meat cleaver as she made her way back to the comfort and warmth of her bed. “Just you wait, you sick pervert, I’ll catch you”, she muttered as she pulled the covers over herself and laid her head down.

The next morning, as Sharon was making her way to the letterbox, the phone began to ring. As she picked up the handset, she heard a heavy breathing. “When are you going to come and visit your poor mother?” the voice croaked. Sharon began to profusely apologize for not contacting her mother, who was recently discharged from hospital after being diagnosed with lung cancer. They agreed on a time for Sharon to visit for lunch, and then she carried on as she was before, heading to the letterbox. “What as she forgotten?” she said as Sharon ran back to the ringing phone, once again heavy breathing. “Did you forget something mum?” but there was no reply except for more heavy breathing, Sharon started worrying and calling her mother, but nothing but the heavy breathing. “Who is this? What’s your name? Mum is that you?” Sharon kept repeating these questions until the person on the other end slammed the phone down and it was engaged.

All Sharon could think about as she hurtled the car through red light after red light, stop sign after stop sign, was whether she would arrive in time to save her mothers life. When she ran up the drive way and onto the front veranda of her mother’s house, Sharon was greeted by her mother relaxing in her armchair with a book and a cup of tea. “Oh hello dear, you decided to come early”. Sharon was puzzled as to why her mother wasn’t crumpled up on the floor with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, but she was quick to embrace her mother and express her relief at the fact that the old lady was okay. Agnes was more puzzled than her daughter as to what was going on, so Sharon went on to explain the second call only to be told that no second call was made by her dear old mother.

Sharon decided not to tell her mother about the mystery window tapping because she didn’t want to alarm Agnes, but her mother suggested she call the police and find the creep. Sharon said her goodbyes to Agnes and headed of to work, Sharon works as a Ward nurse at the cities mental hospital. The facility was divided into separate wards for different mental illnesses. Sharon worked in the Vietnam Veterans ward, which looked after the old soldiers who couldn’t cope with their ordeals in the war, but these old men were all harmless. She couldn’t think of who would be capable of doing such a thing, so Sharon put it to the side while she carried out her nursing duties of administering medications, changing bed linen, bed bathing patients and serving meals.

The local police, didn’t take Sharon’s call lightly, there was a senior detective and senior sergeant at her door when she arrived home, she was quiet surprised to see the police taking such immediate action. The police were invited in for a chat about what had happened, but when Sharon opened the door, she let out a blood-curdling scream. On the floor, in the door way drawn in what looked like to be blood, was a 2 metre wide five point star inside a circle. Hearing her scream, the two policemen quickly pulled her back to see what was happening. As quick as a flash both policemen had drawn their weapons and were beginning to make their cautious way into the house, covering each other as they entered. Sharon was instructed to follow them, but stay a few metres back in case of any encounters.

After a thorough search of the house, it was found that in her bedroom, Sharon’s bed had been strewn with blood soaked pieces of her clothing, laid out as though they were about to be worn. Sharon was hysterical, and wanted to stay with her mother, away from the house where the weirdo knew where she lived. The police started to take photos and samples of the blood for analysis, and Sharon was thoroughly questioned as to if she knew anyone who had a grudge against her, or wether she had any ex-boyfriends who were upset about them breaking up. But Sharon had about as much knowledge of what was going on as the police did. After the police had left, Sharon decided it was time to relax the best way she knew how, play her favourite Hoobastank album at full volume while she had a shower.

The night went on undisturbed and Sharon actually got the first full nights sleep she had had in 2 weeks, kind of ironic considering what had happened that day. Knocking at her door woke Sharon; she had second thoughts on wether or not to open it until she heard her mother’s raspy voice calling to see if she was home. “Come in mum, sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday” Sharon said, her mother was very curious as to why her daughter hadn’t visited as planned. The day’s events were explained to Agnes, and they nearly gave her a heart attack. Sharon showed her mother where the star had been painted, and her mother said you could see the cleaning marks left from the bleach used to get the blood out of the tiles.

A call from the police confirmed that the blood was not human, but pigs blood, and that they had found several foreign fingerprints and hairs. The prints and hairs had been analysed and checked against the criminal files, and a match had been found. The police said they would drop round to give more details in person, and explain what procedures would be taken in apprehending the stalker. When the constables arrived, they showed Sharon the file on the person who was stalking her. She almost fainted when she saw the name and photo that was in the file, her most trusted friend at the mental hospital, her boss.

When the police and SWAT team arrived at their targets house, it was surrounded in less than a minute. With hand signals, and ear pieces buzzing, the Swat team moved into strategic positions on the porch, at the back door, side windows and one member even climbed a tree near the house to gain access to the roof. When the signal was given, they stormed the house, yells of “FREEZE, POLICE” and “CLEAR” could be heard from hundreds of metres away. But the house was empty, not a soul to be arrested. Sharon’s boss had unexpectedly gone out, so the police searched the house. Many items were found and placed into evidence bags, things such as pieces of females underwear that had been presumed lost or thrown out, mail that had been addressed to Sharon and countless photos, taken without Sharon’s knowledge. The head of the police unit’s ear piece buzzed the message that the targets car had been spotted heading towards the house.

As quick as a flash, the police and SWAT team had moved into hiding positions, in and outside the house so as to ambush the man when he walked in. the arrest was pulled off successfully, with eight men pouncing on him as soon as the front door was opened. He was carted away to the police station in cuffs. The man was convicted a week later and jailed for 15 years with a minimum term of 12 years. It turns out that the stalker had 3 previous convictions for stalking young females, and had faked his identity to gain a position at the mental hospital in order to attain his next target. Sharon and her mother were more than happy to see the back of him, and decided that a little relaxation was in order, a holiday to Fiji suited them both down to the ground.

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