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Write Annotated Bibliography

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At some point in a student’s academic career, they will be required to write annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is an extended bibliography which explains the purpose and quality of the sources the student used in relation to their paper. For an annotated bibliography, the student must create a work cited page in the format of their choosing. Under each of the references for the annotated bibliography, student should compose a summary of the reference. The summary of the reference for an annotated bibliography is the main point of the source plus any additional information which could be useful in writing papers. If this is an annotated bibliography for a paper involving science or psychology, then the student should also include the methods used in the summary section of the annotated bibliography. In an annotated bibliography, each resource should have their own summary. If is not difficult to write an annotated bibliography. Many students have different ways of approaching how to write an annotated bibliography, and this is fine. Some students prefer to write their annotated bibliography after they read each of their sources so that it is still fresh in their minds. Others wait until they have already written the paper and then summarize the important information which they were required to use in the paper. Both of these methods are fine. However, it is important for the student to write the summary in such a manner that someone who has not read the source that they have can grasp what they are talking about and form a clear picture of what the author was attempting to say in order to make a connection between the sources used and the custom paper written.

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