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King Charles I

June 15th, 2010 No comments

On January 30, 1649 there occurred something that had never before happened in
the course of history, and this was a regicide. Regicide is when a king is put to trial and
sentenced to death by his own subjects. This happened for the first time in England to
King Charles I. Charles was a tyrant king from the beginning of his reign. Eventually
England grew sick of this tyrant king and Oliver Cromwell was the leader of the pack.
Charles attempted to terminate Parliament, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s
back, and now civil war was upon the people of England.

It seemed as though Charles I could do nothing right, but its not as though he
tried. Up until the end of the English Civil War there had been many disputes over
religious, political, economical and social matters. The English economy was crashing,
Charles did not bother taxing people. He instead began to sell common lands to
aristocrats. This enraged the peasants and middle class, making Charles many enemies.
The main reason for the selling of these lands was to fund an attack on the Scots. At this
time England’s army was almost nonexistent and there was little money to fund one. So
selling the common land was Charles’ only option in his mind. This did not sit well with
the people of England. Read more…