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AP English Essay

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Developing a successful AP English essay requires that you consider many of the aspects you have learned through previous courses. The primary objective of this type of essay is to demonstrate knowledge above and beyond, which includes successful application of learned information. Many of the mistakes students make in developing AP English essays is failing to write a paper that includes something unique about the student, advanced placement classes are not only for excellent students, but also for students who will bring something unique to the program.

As you begin to write your essay, consider things that make you unique, accomplishments that you have done differently from other students or problems you have overcome. Your essay should include information that shows your unique personality and ability to overcome challenges. Avoid stories that may not seem applicable to your current endeavors. An important tip to remember is that many advanced programs are designed to give opportunities for students with a strong will and interest in being successful. Some ideas you may consider include volunteer services or even special interest groups you may have been involved in where you were able to explore new opportunities.

Write your idea and complete the story with the beginning, middle, and end. Once this is done you should begin the editing process. Start with reviewing the spelling and the sentence structure. Your essay should demonstrate writing level above your current grade level; however, the reading must still be smooth and clear. Your essay should also have paragraph structures that include the topic sentence and paragraph structures that include all the primary parts. While writing your AP English essay remember all the writing rules must be followed to demonstrate your excellent knowledge.

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