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English Essay Structure

November 10th, 2009 No comments

There are a number of key aspects to developing your English essay, structure is the primary aspect that you must be experienced with to complete the best English essay. Grammar, spelling, formatting, and paragraph structure are all important aspects of the English essay structure. Developing the best English essay requires that you consider needs of your topic.

Topics in English essays can vary; however English essay structures will include the introduction, body, and conclusion. In addition, your topic will have a topic sentence that defines the point you will present in your topic and the goals of the topic. Your introduction will most often provide a short informative section that will explain what the English essay will contain, and close with the topic sentence. The body in the English essay structure explains the background, the point, and the evidence of your topic sentence. Finally, the conclusion will restate the primary points of your topic and conclude the essay.

English essay structure is dependent on the type of essay you will develop. If your essay is a five-paragraph essay, you will create each paragraph to explain a specific point of the topic. If you are developing a persuasive essay, you may use the English essay structure as a point-by-point structure that states a particular point and the two sides of the argument. Additionally, the structure you choice to use in your English essay must be followed throughout the entire essay. You would not use one type of English essay structure and change formats in the middle of the essay. The best way to maintain a successful English essay structure is to write your outline to fit the structure you have chose – such as the point-by-point method or the simplified body, introduction, and conclusion methods.

Oliver Twist Essay

November 7th, 2009 No comments

Charles Dickens novel ‘Oliver Twist‘ explores the possibilities of an unfortunate orphan severely mistreated by the hands of child poverty during the Victoria era. Chapter 10 is where our misfortunate orphan Oliver is introduced to stealing by his associates Oliver is wrongfully accused of stealing at the market which his friends have brought him to, Oliver tries desperately to get away from the angry herd of people but is eventually caught. Which has some profound effects on how Oliver’s life changes to.

Chapter 10 unlocks a whole new passage in Oliver’s life where he’ll encounter new experiences. Dickens also commented on it as being a ‘very important chapter, in this history’ in the short summary at the start of each chapter. Chapter 10 is significant as it is the introduction to a character named Mr Brownlow who is brought back into the book in a latter stage. Mr. Brownlow is presented as the only gentleman who is sincere in the deceitful society; he vouches for Oliver’s story proving him to only have told the truth. With the sole help of this new revelation, Oliver is released. Read more…

AP English Essay

November 2nd, 2009 No comments

Developing a successful AP English essay requires that you consider many of the aspects you have learned through previous courses. The primary objective of this type of essay is to demonstrate knowledge above and beyond, which includes successful application of learned information. Many of the mistakes students make in developing AP English essays is failing to write a paper that includes something unique about the student, advanced placement classes are not only for excellent students, but also for students who will bring something unique to the program.

As you begin to write your essay, consider things that make you unique, accomplishments that you have done differently from other students or problems you have overcome. Your essay should include information that shows your unique personality and ability to overcome challenges. Avoid stories that may not seem applicable to your current endeavors. An important tip to remember is that many advanced programs are designed to give opportunities for students with a strong will and interest in being successful. Some ideas you may consider include volunteer services or even special interest groups you may have been involved in where you were able to explore new opportunities.

Write your idea and complete the story with the beginning, middle, and end. Once this is done you should begin the editing process. Start with reviewing the spelling and the sentence structure. Your essay should demonstrate writing level above your current grade level; however, the reading must still be smooth and clear. Your essay should also have paragraph structures that include the topic sentence and paragraph structures that include all the primary parts. While writing your AP English essay remember all the writing rules must be followed to demonstrate your excellent knowledge.