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Narrative Essay Example

November 23rd, 2010 No comments

There it was again. She got up to investigate, walking towards the window she had the all to familiar feeling that there was someone outside her window, gently wrapping on it. But once again she was frustrated to find that there was no mystery person hiding in the bushes, beneath the flower box of creepers that hung below her window.

Five foot ten, well toned muscles, and the temperament of a cut snake. Sharon is not the kind of woman you would want to mess around with. Her brushed and styled blonde hair, that falls to the middle of her back, and the neat makeup disguise the fact that Sharon has been the welter-weight wrestling champion of her local and surrounding districts, for the past three years running.

The failed search, once again lead to the walk through the cold corridor leading down to the kitchen of her home, and taking the same meat cleaver from the top drawer under the bench, Sharon walked outside to further scan the area of her back yard. Yet again the perpetrator had eluded her. She walked back in to the house, replacing the meat cleaver as she made her way back to the comfort and warmth of her bed. “Just you wait, you sick pervert, I’ll catch you”, she muttered as she pulled the covers over herself and laid her head down.

The next morning, as Sharon was making her way to the letterbox, the phone began to ring. As she picked up the handset, she heard a heavy breathing. “When are you going to come and visit your poor mother?” the voice croaked. Sharon began to profusely apologize for not contacting her mother, who was recently discharged from hospital after being diagnosed with lung cancer. They agreed on a time for Sharon to visit for lunch, and then she carried on as she was before, heading to the letterbox. “What as she forgotten?” she said as Sharon ran back to the ringing phone, once again heavy breathing. “Did you forget something mum?” but there was no reply except for more heavy breathing, Sharon started worrying and calling her mother, but nothing but the heavy breathing. “Who is this? What’s your name? Mum is that you?” Sharon kept repeating these questions until the person on the other end slammed the phone down and it was engaged. Read more…