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How to Write a Good English Thesis

October 9th, 2009 No comments

Here is how to write a good English thesis. You can begin your thesis by carefully selecting a topic you are familiar with, but one you can learn more about. College level thesis work requires that you demonstrate application of course work, research success, and original thinking. This means that if you select a topic that you are too familiar with, you may limit yourself on appropriate new information that will completely assist you in creating the best English thesis possible. Consider that your degree thesis is also applicable to the field you wish to work in, after college or even a potential promotion.

Developing a successful English thesis will require that you examine a number of different articles and journal entries. Each one that you select must represent your topic and fully explore other research in the study. Additionally, it is essential to examine work that does not agree with your topic statement, in this way you are able to create an English thesis that supports that topic sentence successfully while defending against possible disagreements.

Your English thesis paper is a very large project, take it slow, read your research, and write short summaries that note where you may wish to use the work – what purpose it will serve to your paper. You can accomplish this easily if you work a little every day. Gather a few sources, read them, summarize them, and set them aside. If you do a few every day, you will have more than enough sources to use within just a week or even less. Remember, academic journals are your best sources of information; however, you should have at least a few databases such as census reports or educational references – textbooks.

How to Write a Good English Dissertation

August 18th, 2009 No comments

English dissertations can take on many forms; however, the key to clear development of a good English dissertation is careful planning and clear topic coverage. A good English dissertation may seem out of reach due to the sheer magnitude of the project; however, a few simple steps can keep you organized and focused during the process of developing your English dissertation.

Begin by formatting the initial document you wish to use. Every format has specific requirements for page set-up; however, you may be able to get a sample dissertation paper from your college that will already be formatted, as you need. Most often, these samples contain limited amount of words, making them great sources for avoiding the headaches you may have with MSWord formatting. In each section of the sample English dissertation, erase the content of the words by highlighting the selection and typing in your problem statement. Typing in your problem statement will assist you in staying on track during the development of your English dissertation. Read more…