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How to Write Successful English Papers

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Writing a paper on English 101 isn’t always easy. And in some cases – you need a successful English paper. There are some situations in which you need to be sure that you get a good grade for your English paper. But then students come up with a question: “How to write successful English papers?”, or “How can I be sure that my English paper will be successful?”

This article will give you a couple of tips on how to write successful English paper, and how to manage it with excellence. This article will not give you any guarantees, but it will share some secrets of writing successful English papers, of those people, who know exactly “How to write successful English papers.”

Rule 1 – Your English paper has to be well structured.
Before sitting down to write the final version of your paper – you have to come up with a detailed outline, using which you will be writing your successful English paper. Without an outline – it is nearly impossible to write a good, structured text. It is better to write an outline a day before writing the first draft. That way you will have some time to think how to write successful English papers. Do remember to think over every point of your outline and define the main point of the English paper.

Rule 2 – A brainstorm is mandatory.
Before starting to write – do a brainstorm on every point of the outline. No thought is to whacky or crazy. Write them down, and start analyzing, you’ll get something of it, I promise. Try thinking about the big picture of your successful English paper – and don’t forget even the smallest details.

Rule 3 – Your first draft can never be your final paper.
No matter how much experience you’ve got, or how great your writing skills are – your first draft can NEVER be your final paper. I’ll repeat that again. “Your first draft of the English paper can never be the final version of your paper.”

Rule 4 – always proofread your paper.
The first thing the reader thinks after having read your paper – is did it have any grammatical mistakes or typos. If there are typos and mistakes – the reader would think “The writer did not proofread the paper, hence he did not take this assignment seriously, then why should I?”

These 4 rules are the basic principle of successful English paper writing.

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