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Annotated Bibliography Help

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This is an evaluation of all the sources that a researcher has used, this normally takes an alphabetical listing of all the sources used in a research, each source is well summarized to evaluate its relevance to the PhD research.  A bibliography is sometimes used to refer to references or the works cited ,annotated bibliography summarize the source of information, the point a book or an article brings about and the topics covered. Annotated bibliography help in assessing information it evaluates and compares the different sources of information in the bibliography. It is through this assessing that one is able to identify the objective of the source whether it is bias or reliable.

A source should also be reflected to find out its contributions towards a research, a researcher should be able to ascertain if the source was helpful and how it contributed to shape an argument .annotated bibliography should be written so that a researcher can understand the topic in question. This is because when each source has to be summarized, then reading every source is inevitable, this leads to understanding of the research and one knows where his or her research fits in. annotated bibliography is a great contribution to other researchers, if published the annotated bibliography give an overview of every custom research paper said or is being discussed.

Annotated bibliography varies in format, it could take MLA or APA format, the bibliography part gives information pertaining to the title, author, publisher and date. The annotation part comes in as a summary it could take a paragraph or pages according to the purpose of the annotations.

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