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Sally Morgan Essay

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The short passage used from the story “My Place” is written by Sally Morgan. Sally uses different conventions in the passage to position the reader to respond to her story. The conventions used are conflict, point of view and plot.

The conflict of self vs. self and self vs. others is used to position the reader into responding to the passage. The conflict of deciding to stay or leave the car, self vs. self, gets the reader to understand how doing so could lead to some dangers and that that character is accepting to face it. If they kid’s in the story leave the car they face the danger of boredom and dehydration, while leaving the car they face the danger of being kidnapped. At the end of the passage it shows how one of the sons talks back to his father, self vs. others. This creates the feal for the character and gets the reader to respond by the conflict of father and son. Conflict is used, in this passage, to get readers to respond to the way the characters interact with each other.

The point of view of this story is written in first person, which tells the passage as one of the children. This tells the reader how one person sees what’s happening. Point of view positions the reader to accept the values and attitudes and also lets the reader experience what the narrator is sparing, in this case, life as a kid.

Tone is used to indicate the writer’s attitude to something. In this passage the tone is disappointment in the father and from children. The disappointment is the decision from the father and from the children. The kids where told to stay in the car but disobeyed and where at the beach instead. The disappointment from the kids where that their father was meant to be gone for a few minutes but was gone for ages. The tone shows anger and frustration, which get the reader to understand how the kids and the father feel at the same time.

Sally Morgan uses the techniques of conflict, point of view and tone to get the reader to respond to her story well. The use of the techniques also positions the reader to understand Morgan’s values and attitudes in the story and was a great way to get the reader to respond to her passage.

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