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Native American’s territory papers

June 2nd, 2010 No comments

As the Europeans integrated into North America, they also invaded the Native American’s territory. In doing this, some Europeans were arrogant and pompous, but others became friendly with them. Both the French and the British had interactions with the Native Americans. These included trading, being allies, and even going as far as intermarrying. At first, both societies got along with the Natives. It was not until the English started to move west and take the land for themselves that it became a problem with the Native Americans. Although they may have started out the same, being good friends and neighbors with the original inhabitants, the French and English in the New World developed two distinctly different relationships with them.

When the French came to the New World, they regarded the Natives as friends. Because of this friendship or understanding, it was possible for them to trade with one another. The French traders gave knives, beads, axes, hatchets, hoes, brightly colored cloths, mirrors, paints and other things of trifling value that appealed to the fancy of the Indians. The only things that the Indians had to sell or trade, and for which the French traders wanted to barter for, were the skins of furbearing animals. These included the beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, and several others found nearby that the Native Americans hunted. Read more…