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English Research Paper Ideas

October 20th, 2009 No comments

Creating the best English research paper ideas requires creative thinking and a dedication to quality work. When your English research paper is important, you must be willing to develop ideas that demonstrate your learning, but you must also use creative approaches and develop research that is applicable to your studies. You must write a paper – creative or educational –, which demonstrates learning and the ability to develop research.

It is important to note that the goal of a research paper includes the following objectives – you must be able to apply learning, successfully develop strong research objectives, and develop topic sentences. Most first research papers are designed to review how successful you can gather the research. You must be able to evaluate how good your sources are as well as how relevant they are to your research topic idea. If you were writing a paper about bicycles, you would not want research on tomatoes; however, it is far more complicated than that. Your research must be able to work with your topic sentence, but also provide information that can be implemented to the solutions you are selecting.
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How to Write a Good English Research Paper

June 1st, 2009 No comments

Write a good English research paper by developing solid topics and clear statements of reason and purpose. Many English majors tend to become lost in the words and forget to use clear research – or sometimes, simply fail to get to the point. When writing an English research paper, gather your research first; however, stop with your research and limit yourself to one single quote or idea per paragraph of your own work. Additionally, when you do a good English research paper you must be careful to balance your ideas with those of the research you have gathered. A paper heavy either direction could cost your grade.

Don’t skip steps – yes, English is your major, but you still need to prepare a good English research paper in an organized fashion. Start with your topic, brainstorm ideas from research and readings. Develop a thesis statement, outline, and structure to work with. Next determine the format and write two short paragraphs that tell you what you want to share with your audience while writing an English research paper. Keep these paragraphs as your guidelines so that you can stay on track. So – key to success is to know your format – APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago, or Harvard, have a clear structure, use your outline, keep track of your references, limit yourself to one citation per paragraph, and stay on track with your thesis statement.

You are almost done – finish a great English research paper by completing the abstract with a short paragraph or two that tells the audience what your paper is all about, and maybe why they should read it. Don’t forget to make sure your conclusion has clearly pointed out where your thesis statement is defended – this will prevent there being any mistake that you covered what needed covered. You are ready to go, thank you for visiting our discipline blogs, and please come back any time you need assistance with any of your research papers!